Share All Folders and Files with NOX APP Player without ROOT on Windows

Share Folders Nox – Here we go. We will learn how to share folders and files on NOX App Player without being root.

The first thing we are going to do, Is to search: This PC in the start menu.

Press right click, and then access Properties.

Here, we are going to join the PC to a working group.

Click on: Change Settings.

Press the button: Change.

Here, we will write the name of our working group.

You can choose one.

Press the OK button, and wait for the PC to make the changes.

The PC shows us the confirmation of the change.

Now, Windows asks us to restart the machine, we accept and wait for reboot.

When the system starts, we access Properties again to verify that the change was made.

If everything was correct, we now access: Network Configuration.

And we select the network where the PC is connected.

Check privacy settings, And we activate that the PC can be discovered within our Working Group.

Let’s go back.

And we search the configuration of the Home Group.

We access, and click on: Ready to Create.

Push on: Create a Home Group.

Push: Next.

We select the folders that we want to share within our network.

Push the Finish button.

We close the two windows, because we are not going to use them anymore.

We run Nox App Player.

We look for the Google Play Store, and open the store.

Search the application: ES File Explorer Free We install the application and run.

Open the configuration menu.

We look for the Network tab.

Access the tab LAN (Local Area Network) Press the New button.

If the PC is connected to a work network, we can use the Domain option.

This time, as is our personal PC, we leave the domain blank, and fill the Server field.

We open the list of available networks.

We click on the network that we are connected to.

And we access to: Properties.

We look for the IPv4 address, and we copy or memorize it.

In the Server field, we write the IP address of the PC.

Here, we write the user data of the PC.

Username and password.

Here, we can put any name to the shortcut that we are going to create.

Press the Ok button.

And with this we finish the configuration.

I will access the Desktop Folder from Nox App Player.

Here we see that the desktop folder is empty.

I will create a folder in Nox App called “Test”.

Here we see, that immediately the folder appears on the Desktop.

Now, we are going to add a Word document to the PC, in the Test folder, called Test 2.

Let’s check what we just did, We access the folder Test from Nox App, and we see the file that we created in Windows.

Also, we can delete files and folders remotely, But whatever is deleted from Nox App, is not displayed in the Recycle Bin, so it is a definite deletion.